About Me

My name is Lea Anna Drown and I create observant images that capture the individuality of my subjects. The images I make are specific to my experience of a situation. As a photographer, I am blessed with opportunity to photograph the intimate moments of life. I am privileged to see events from the inside, documenting moments with the care and the interest of a friend or family member. It is my honor to document the moments in which your loved ones come together to stand by your side and support you. 

I am dedicated to creating rich and expressive images which become visual memories that reflect the elegance and beauty of life. I am proud of the images I create and love that they are so cherished by my clients. For the past twenty-five years my camera has been an ever-present extension of my arm. Over fifteen of those years I have had the pleasure of working professionally in photography in many different roles including that of photographer, production designer, stylist, and lighting designer. These wide-ranging experiences have all further enhanced the way I see each moment and create each image. Thank you for your interest in learning about me. I would, in turn, love to hear about you.